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600 Biodegradable PFPW Dog Bags

600 Biodegradable PFPW Dog Bags

10% of sales price from your order will be donated to The Colorado Pet Pantry!


The PFPW dog bag is perfect for regular-sized to large dogs. The bags are made from d2w biodegradable material, so you'll be doing the environment a solid while using a great product!


  • 6 headers of PFPW dog bags - 100 bags per header, 600 bags total. 
  • 100% d2w oxo-biodegradable
  • Dog bags easily tear off from cardboard header.
  • Cardboard wickets are designed to fit in any header-style dispenser.
  • Large bag size: 9" x 13.25"
  • Leaves enough room to tie a secure knot once filled.
  • Bag thickness: 25 microns! (industry standard is 15 microns).
  • Better masks the odor and nature of its contents thanks to the thickness.
  • Federal Green.
  • Leak Proof. 
  • Colorado Pet Pantry Donation!

    10% of the sales price on this order will be donated to The Colorado Pet Pantry by Poo Free Parks!

    The Colorado Pet Pantry is a non-profit pet food bank that temporarily feeds Colorado pets, allowing families to increase their ability to care for pets with the goal of keeping them out of shelters and with their families.

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