5 Box Pack - PFP200 Biodegradable Medium Dog Bags. 200 bags per box, 1,000 total

5 Box Pack - PFP200 Biodegradable Medium Dog Bags. 200 bags per box, 1,000 total

SKU: PFP200 5-pack


Thicker and Biodegradable

Whether you’re the proud human of a pooch that leaves behind ‘gifts’ or looking for bags roomy and strong enough to clean your kitty’s litter box, Poo Free Parks poop bags have got you covered! These aren’t your regular pet waste bags. Unlike ordinary ones that are just 15 microns and easily leak or rip, ours are an extra thick 25 microns.


The PFP200 Medium dog bag is perfect for regular sized dogs. The bags are made from d2w biodegradable material, so you'll be doing the environment a solid while using a great product!

  • Specs & Information

    Bag Quality Matters!

    Our bags are 66% thicker than most on the market. These strong and sturdy bags will not rip or tear easily.

    • 4 Boxed Rolls of our Medium Dog Bags - 200 bags per box
    • Made from d2w oxo-biodegradable plastic (learn more!)
    • Sizing: 8″ wide by 13″ tall, with gusseted expandable sides
    • Leaves enough room to tie a secure knot once filled
    • Bag thickness: 25 microns! (industry standard is 15 microns)
    • Better masks the odor and nature of its contents thanks to the thickness
    • Each bag easily separates from the roll and opens without much effort
    • Federal Green
    • Commercial grade
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Client Testimonials

I would recommend the products and services of Poo Free Parks to all who can utilize them. We have been approached by numerous other bag manufactures and every time it is higher in cost and less in quality. Anytime we have been given samples from other companies we put them side by side with Poo Free Parks bags and it’s always the same, Poo Free bags are used up and the others are left. It has always been a pleasure to deal with the Poo Free Parks staff and I do not see this business relationship ending anytime soon.

Paul Johnson

I use these bags and dispensers in our city's parks. The bags are durable and biodegradable and come at a low price. The dispensers are great for parks - they are big but still attractive, and they hold 3 rolls of bags at once. These products are perfect for any high traffic area!

Josh L

Highlands Ranch Metro District has utilized the services and products of Poo Free parks since 2011. Their service is next to none. I have literally requested bags and received them within days. When the dimensions of the bags changed they were very open to going back to the larger bag only because HRMD had requested it, due to consumer feedback. The dispensers are well designed and very popular with residents in our area.

Scott Nelson

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